Issuance of Medical Examination Certificates by Postal Mail

In past years we have issued Medical Examination Certificates in-person at the Student Health Care Center front desk. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to issue certificates by post and only to students who meet the following criteria.

1) They are Tohoku University students (i.e. they are enrolled at Tohoku University as of the date on which the certificate is to be issued).
2) They underwent a medical examination in the 2019 academic year (see Note).
3) They can submit copies of either document ① (with photo visible) or ② (with photo visible) described below.
4) They consent to have the certificate sent to the address on their personal identification document, or the home address registered in their Student Affairs information.
5) They understand that all documents will be sent via regular post and that there is the risk of them being lost in the mail.
Note: Please be sure to contact the Student Health Care Center (022-795-7829/022-795-7836) in advance to confirm that you underwent a medical examination.

Those who meet the five requirements listed above should send the below documents to the Student Health Care Center by regular post.

① Photocopy of Student ID
② Photocopy of driver’s license or passport
③ Return envelope (120 x 235 mm, with a 94 yen postage stamp affixed)
The address on the return envelope must be the address on your personal identification document, or the home address registered in your Student Affairs information.
④ Memo describing intended use of certificate and number of copies needed.
⑤ Consent Form (download here).

Mail the above to:
Miyagi-ken, Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Kawauchi 41
Student Health Care Center

The Student Health Care Center can issue Medical Examination Certificates in a single format only (see attached). Please look at it before requesting.

April 13, 2020